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  • money management
    money management This service is designed for busy individuals who wish to have full-time portfolio management and the benefits of decision-making by seasoned professionals.
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  • investor counseling
    investor counseling This service provides an evaluation of a portfolio, and recommendations for changes.
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  • invest academy
    invest academy Our one day course teaches a practical application for security analysis and monitoring.
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familyPraxis Advisory Group, Inc., offers discretionary money management, investment counseling and investor education to individuals, families, trusts, and retirement plans. 

Praxis also provides investment counseling on an hourly fee basis.  Many clients use this service as a valuable "second opinion" for other aspects of their portfolios.

Finally, through InvestAcademy, our one-day class, we offer education to the public.

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We founded Praxis in 1992 on two principles:

  • focus on our customers’ needs
  • remain independent of the conflicts of interest inherent with commission-driven advisors and stockbrokers.

We have remained independent of brokerage firms and insurance companies to ensure that we provide objective and straightforward investment advice to our clients. Unlike many investment advisors, we do not recommend insurance or annuity products, but focus on liquid securities that make sense as long-term investments. At Praxis, our objectivity is the key to client satisfaction.

We’ve structured our company to ensure our clients receive the highest level of personal customer service available. This begins with our initial discussion of client objectives, risk tolerance and other needs, and carries through to ongoing client meetings and discussions.

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