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Fees are based on a percentage of account size, are billed quarterly in advance, and accounts are valued as of the last day of the preceding quarter for fee calculation purposes. Clients expressly authorize Praxis to deduct its management fee from accounts. Fee payments are disclosed on the monthly and quarterly statements received from the account custodian and Praxis, respectively.

Acct. Size Annual Fee (%)
$250,000 to $750,000 0.95%
Over $750,000 0.50%


Investment Counseling Fees

Investment counseling provides the valuable “second opinion” that many investors seek. This service provides an evaluation of a portfolio, and recommendations for changes. Praxis, however, does not take discretion to implement changes, leaving the client free to execute trades how and where they wish.

Fees are charged at $150.00 per hour.

InvestAcademy Fees

For InvestAcademy fees, click the link.