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In addition to our three main services, Praxis provides clients a regular newsletter, Market Outlook. The Market Outlook covers various topics, ranging from economics and financial markets to investor psychology and historical perspectives on current events. We have received many positive comments on the Market Outlook over the years, and encourage you to browse these archives for insights into both the markets and Praxis' approach to the world of finance.

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Market Outlook archive

(* = Most popular among readers)

The Great Revaluation February 2016

Walking on Eggshells December 2015

Reaching the Limit of Monetary Policy September 2015

The Fed’s Dreams Come True July 2015

It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature April 2015

One More Bullish Surge February 2015

Why Is My Robot Crying? November 2014

Preparing for the End of QE August 2014

The Law of Intended Consequences May 2014

Will Growth Be Good Enough   April 2014

Janet Yellen-Let's Get This Party Started   December 2013

Lessons from Lehman Bros, Five Years On   September 2013

Lord Make Me Chaste -- Just Not Yet   July 2013

Throwing in the Towel on Inflation   May 2013

Race to Debase   February 2013

Fiscal Cliff Diving   December 2012

Drinks Are On the House   October 2012

Sleepwalking Bulls   August 2012

Europe at the Crossroads   June 2012

Swimming in the Punchbowl March 2012

Book Burning on Wall Street   November 2011

Prepare for Impact   September 2011

Till Debt Do Us Part   July 2011

Collective Amnesia   May 2011

Social Values and Political Fragmentation: Right on Schedule   March 2011

'Tis the Season for Sharing Sacrifice)   November 2010

Deficit Commission's Final Report   Supplement to Nov 2010 Mkt Outlook

Looking on the Bright Side of Life   October 2010

The Molecular Structure of Wall Street   June 2010

On Icarus' Wings    May 2010

The Sick Men of Europe     March 2010

Waiting for the Weatherman  December 2009

Now for the Hard Part   September 2009

Wall Street's New Math: 2+2=4   June 2009

America's Mid-life Crisis    May 2009

Is this the end of...?    November 2008  

* Waterloo    July 2008

It Takes a Crisis    March 2008

Will the real rate of inflation please stand up?    December 2007

*Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Greenspan    October 2007

Rethinking Risk    July 2007

Lust for Liquidity    March 2007

Planning to Remain Seated    December 2006

* The Fox, the Hedgehog and the Economist    November 2006

The End of Retirement?    June 2006

Alan Greenspan's Medal:  Gold, Silver, or Bronze?    March 2006

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We encourage the sharing of our research publications among your friends and colleagues. However, Praxis allows the reprinting and distribution of its publications with the following two conditions:

  • that any publication is distributed in its original form, without alteration; and
  • that attribution regarding authorship is clearly given to Praxis Advisory Group, Inc.