How We Help You Succeed.

Money Management

Full-time professional portfolio management.


Investment Counseling

Hourly counseling on your investment portfolio and/or retirement plan.



Learn our investing methodology and apply it to your own portfolio.


Andre Ratkai, CFA

Serving Colorado investors since 1992 on two driving principles:


Remain independent of brokerage firms and insurance companies to ensure we provide objective investment advice. We have no commission-based compensation.


Intensely focus on our clients' needs, ensuring they receive a high level of personal service. We know all our customers by name.

Who We Serve.

Praxis Advisory is committed to helping individuals, couples, and families in Colorado achieve peace of mind with their investments, financial well-being, and an advisory relationship they can trust. We pride ourselves on the trust clients place in us.

8 Questions to ask a Financial Advisor.

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