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Andre Ratkai

Andre Ratkai, CFA is the President and Chief Financial Officer of Praxis Advisory Group, Inc.


For the last twelve years, borrowers and financial markets have enjoyed the benefits of record low interest rates. Moreover, official measures of inflation have remained tame, confounding economists who assumed the explosive growth of money supply created by the U.S.… Read More »Hubris

The Fragile Bull

A strong stock market is often equated with economic vitality.  It has been an article of faith that as the economy does better, so will stocks.  Indeed, Donald Trump often pointed to rising stock prices as proof that his administration’s… Read More »The Fragile Bull

Seeking Balance

Seeking Balance

One year ago people across the globe wished for nothing more than to return to normal. The pandemic had thrown virtually every institution out of equilibrium, and we have been trying to regain the balance we enjoyed in 2019. But… Read More »Seeking Balance

Siren’s Song

Wall Street has become captivated by the prospects for easy money. News articles are filled with stories of individual stocks jumping by astronomical amounts in a single day, by wild first-day gains in initial public offerings, and by newbie bloggers… Read More »Siren’s Song

Bubble Watch 2021

Bubble Watch 2021

One of the greatest positives to come out of 2020 is the impressive development of covid vaccines. From virtually a standing start, drug companies and national health departments have worked around the clock to successfully create inoculations against a pandemic… Read More »Bubble Watch 2021

Addicted to the Cure

Investors got a double dose of good news to start November. First, the lengthy and acrimonious presidential election was finally decided. Second, the long awaited covid vaccines began to appear on the horizon. The vaccines are truly something to be… Read More »Addicted to the Cure