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Bear Market Rules

Bear Market Rules

October 2018 is living up to its reputation as being the scariest month of the year for investors. After coasting into late summer with a sense of optimistic complacency, the tables turned rapidly on investors as US markets followed their… Read More »Bear Market Rules

Bull in headlights

Bull in the Headlights

Investors have been handed a full plate of worries to digest in the second quarter. On top of the long-standing issues of extremely high valuations and record levels of margin debt, we can add the European Central Bank’s announcement of… Read More »Bull in the Headlights

Draining the pool

Draining the Pool

Wall Street is fixated on how long the surge in earnings brought forth by a growing economy and last year’s tax cuts will last, but it is also fretting about how many times the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates… Read More »Draining the Pool

Empty plate free dinner is over

The Free Lunch is Over

Investors relearned the meaning of risk in February as the euphoria that started the year was quickly snuffed out by a dramatic decline in stock prices. The fear of rising interest rates combined with the prevalence of automated trading to… Read More »The Free Lunch is Over

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Infamous Years

Stock markets have displayed a remarkable lack of volatility so far this year. Trump’s election and the promise of healthcare, tax, and immigration reform played a part in boosting the confidence of investors, but the advent of a more normal,… Read More »Infamous Years