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The Teflon Market

The Teflon Market

As every good husband knows, there are a few dates that you dare not forget, and one’s wedding anniversary is key among them. The truly ideal husband will also know what gift is associated with the anniversary year one is… Read More »The Teflon Market

Abandoned Standards

America is going through a wrenching self-examination of male power, sexual harassment, and the bitter costs imposed on both the accused and accusers. It is by now widely known that powerful players in politics, media, and entertainment have used their… Read More »Abandoned Standards

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Infamous Years

Stock markets have displayed a remarkable lack of volatility so far this year. Trump’s election and the promise of healthcare, tax, and immigration reform played a part in boosting the confidence of investors, but the advent of a more normal,… Read More »Infamous Years

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Quietly Ending

They’ve called it a “beautiful deleveraging” and a “perfect normalization.” What analysts are referring to is the extraordinary monetary policy known as “quantitative easing” (QE) that was imposed in the wake of the credit bubble collapse in 2008. First adopted… Read More »Quietly Ending