What is it?

Discretionary money management is a service where we manage your investment portfolio for you. We make the decisions on what to buy and sell based on our tested method of investment analysis and decades of experience. 

Your money is held by Charles Schwab & Co.

Designed for you.

You’re busy, and probably don’t have the time or leisure to oversee your own investment portfolio. Beyond the time logistics, making smart investment decisions is a stressful process. It’s easy to spend hours sifting through information, only to make a buy or sell decision at the wrong time.

We provide full-time portfolio management so you save time and benefit from our experienced decision-making.

How it works.

Our management model is based on the analytical principles learned in our investor education course, InvestAcademy. All the decisions made on your behalf are based on analytical data, not market theory.

We invite everyone to attend our InvestAcademy class so they may understand how their money is being invested.

All accounts within a strategy own the same securities, and are managed using the same techniques. This includes our personal family accounts, which are required to own the same securities as our clients. We believe in what we do and welcome the opportunity to show you how we work.

Our business only grows if your account grows.

Our fee-based structure eliminates compensation-based conflicts of interest and provides a strong incentive for us to perform well.

A fee-based structure provides you two advantages:


Our income grows only if your account grows. Therefore we have a strong incentive to make the best decisions for your account. This is especially true on the downside, since our income will shrink if your account declines in value.


Because you pay only a small percentage fee, we have an incentive to keep you as a client for the long term. It is only over that time frame that our fee structure becomes profitable, and only clients satisfied with performance and service will stay for the long term.

Transparent pricing.

Our Discretionary Money Management service is billed on a percentage-based fee structure.

In plain English, we charge 0.95% annually on accounts under $750,000. We charge 0.5% annually on the portion of accounts over $750,000. 

As an example: Let’s say you have $1,000,000 invested with us. You would be charged 0.95% on $750,000 and 0.5% on the $250,000 portion.

How you are billed.

Fees are paid quarterly, in advance, based on the account value at the end of the previous quarter. Fees paid are disclosed on the monthly statements from the custodian, and quarterly statements from Praxis Advisory.

Most clients prefer to have their fees deducted directly from their accounts. They must expressly authorize us to do so. We can also send an invoice, which is simply paid by check.

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Types of accounts.

Client accounts are comprised of either Stocks & Bonds or Mutual Funds.

About Stock & Bond Accounts

About Mutual Fund Accounts

You can count on us.
We strive to provide:

  • A transparent, honest, and unbiased relationship.
  • A strategic and tested method for investment analysis.
  • A partnership that puts your best interests above our own.

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