What is it?

Investment Counseling is one-on-one, hourly financial consulting.

Investment Counseling is great way to take advantage of our expertise without committing to a Managed Account. The consultations are designed to provide you with an objective source of advice, untainted by the commission-based temptation to “sell you something.”

Investment Counseling generally takes two forms:

1. Assessment of your portfolio.

Sometimes you want to get a “second opinion” on your holdings with another advisor or broker. This may also take the form of evaluating your current 401(k) investments that must stay in your company retirement plan for many years to come.

We would evaluate the holdings and provide recommendations for changes. Praxis, however, does not take discretion to implement recommendations, leaving that responsibility to you.

2. Calculating your retirement.

The other common request is to calculate your retirement projection. In other words, to map out how much money you would need to retire at a certain age, and increase the probability that your money lasts for a lifetime.

This will require you to complete a retirement projection questionnaire listing assets, income, projected Social Security benefits, etc. which are then combined to project what level of assets are needed to have a comfortable retirement. Future updates to the projection are recommended, and would be charged at the regular Investment Counseling hourly rate.

Transparent pricing.

All Investment Counseling sessions are charged a flat $150/hour rate.

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You can count on us.
We strive to provide:

  • A transparent, honest, and unbiased relationship.
  • A strategic and tested method for investment analysis.
  • A partnership that puts your best interests above our own.

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