What is it?

Our Investor Education program comes in the form of a class: InvestAcademy. We use this educational tool to teach fellow investors and help our clients understand the techniques we use to manage their accounts.

About the InvestAcademy class.

In our one-day class we teach you our straightforward and objective way to evaluate stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

You will learn to examine and quantify seven crucial fundamental and technical (price trend) factors which are entered into a scorecard format.

The “scores” for each factor are then tallied, and the securities with the highest scores tend to have the highest probabilities of success.

This is not a class to teach you to be the “smartest person in the room,” but rather a class to teach you how to be a good decision-maker. This is especially true for deciding when to sell a particular investment due to underperformance or a change of direction.

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What is included?

Attendees receive a full workbook, editable investing scorecards, our personal list of resources, and a one-on-one follow up tutorial (optional).

The course lasts about 5 hours, and is held in our Greenwood Village office.

Transparent pricing.

InvestAcademy registration is $59.00 per attendee, and includes all class materials.

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A Repeatable Tool for Your Portfolio.

This class is not just another academic or theoretical exercise, but a practical application of security analysis and monitoring that you can apply immediately. 

Using the tools and resources provided in class you’ll be able to use these techniques on your own investments for years to come.

Sharing our investing methodology.

We believe full transparency creates honest, trusted relationships. Being completely open about how we do business allows us to create more meaningful relationships with our clients.

InvestAcademy also provides a great opportunity to share the knowledge we’ve gained after being in business for over 25 years. We want to empower individual investors across Colorado to be more confident and make better investment decisions.

The InvestAcademy methodology has been adapted over the years by Andre Ratkai.

You can count on us.
We strive to provide:

  • A transparent, honest, and unbiased relationship.
  • A strategic and tested method for investment analysis.
  • A partnership that puts your best interests above our own.

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